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Footsteps of
CJ HealthCare


See the footsteps of CJ HealthCare Corp. making a healthy world.

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A great leap to the global market

CJ HealthCare, dreams of bigger jump up to the global market beyond Korea

  • 2017. 05

    Opened CJ HealthCare representative branch office in Vietnam (as of May 1)

  • HongSamAe lactic acid bacteria products and red ginseng
    2017. 04
    • The 3rd anniversary of foundation
    • The 2nd Self Compliance Day
    • Launched the healthy food ‘HONGSAMAE(愛) PROBIOTICS’(Korean red ginseng and probiotics)
    HongSamAe lactic acid bacteria products
  • 2017 volunteer MOU concluded with Seoul City volunteer center
    2017. 03
    • Signed a MOU with Rural Development Administration to activate mobile direct dealing service for agricultural food
    • Invested in new drug venture business for treatment of dementia through ‘TWI Bio Healthcare Fund’
    • Signed a MOU for 2017 Volunteer Work with Seoul Volunteer Center
    MOU concluded effectively with mobile agency agriculture, forestry and fishery products agricultural promotion agency
  • CJ Healthcare concluded MOU with One Mount, which is a complex cultural space

    Signed a MOU with the complex cultural space, OneMount


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Securing future innovation technology
through open innovation

2016.12 Reached KRW 500 billion in sales
  • CJ Healthcare, Kang Seok-hi Representative Director Election of Autonomy Compliance Manager
    • SeokHee KANG(CEO of CJ HealthCare) was appointed as Self Compliance Manager
    • Reached KRW 500 billion in sales

    500,000 Million

  • R&D open innovation forum for venture invitations in the US and Europe held
    • Held the R&D Open Innovation Forum inviting US and Europe business ventures
    • Launched fixed dose combination IMD for hypertension, ‘MACHKHAN’, for the first time in Korea
    Domestic first release of Mach-Khan, hypertension combined improvement drug
  • Inauguration ceremony of MACHKHAN, a compound medicine modified for hypertension
    • Launched LUKIO
    • Held a launching ceremony of fixed dose combination IMD for hypertension, ‘MACHKHAN’
    • Signed a MOU with Seoul Voluntary Center for Employees & Executives Voluntary Work.
    Mach clamping tablet
  • Wellness Hotge can renewal

    Launched the renewed version of Well-being HUTGAESOO

    HUTGAESOO products
  • R&D Open Innovation Forum in USA, Japan Venture Invitation Held

    Held the R&D Open Innovation Forum inviting US and Japanese business ventures

  • 2nd anniversary of Changsha
    • The 2nd anniversary of foundation
    • Established Self Compliance Day (4.1)
    Establish day of autonomous compliance (April 1)


  • Condition Vietnam's TV ad announcement

    Launched ‘CONDITION’ Vietnam TV Advertisement

    Condition of Vietnamese products
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CJ HealthCare expanding into the world

CJ HealthCare Corp. continues to innovate to make a healthy world by exporting various products in the global market.

  • CJ-12420 (Tegoprazan) for treatment of esophageal reflux disease, technology export of Luoxin company in China

    New Treatment for GERD ˝CJ-12420(Tegoprazan)˝, Technology Transfer to Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co., Ltd.


  • CJ Healthcare launch
    • Launched ‘VOGMET’, fixed dose combination IMD for Diabetes
    • Established CJ HealthCare Corporation
    • Launched CONDITION into 3 countries (China, Vietnam, Japan)
    Condition Advance to three global countries (China, Vietnam, Japan)
  • CJ Healthcare Erroneous Factory
    • Won the `Beautiful Architecture Award` from Cheongwon-gun Office for Osong Plant
    • `HUTGAESOO` became the No.1 dulcis drink product in terms of market share (2012. Nielsen Research)
    • Upgraded `CONDITION` into `HUTGAE CONDITION` in celebration of its 20th anniversary
2011 CJ HealthCare Reached KRW 400 billion in revenue
  • Selection of 'world-class products' supervised by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Current Industry and Trade Resources Department) 'Condition' for eliminating hangover
    • Launched ‘MOSAONE’, ‘ABELTAN’, and ‘LUKAIR’
    • Anti-hangover drink `CONDITION` was designated as the `global leading product` by the Ministry of Knowledge & Economy
    • Launched `CLOSONE`, fixed dose combination for antithrombotic therapy
    • Formed a joint R&D partnership with Bioleaders for developing anti-cancer drugs and vaccines
    • Reached KRW 400 billion in revenue
    Release of anti-thrombotic agent 'Closone'
  • Upper-case plant oral formulation API production building completed
    • Completed the construction of oral APIs manufacturing buildings at Daeso Plant
    • Completed the construction of Osong Plant conforming to global standards
    • Launched `HEPCURE`
    • Launched `CONDITION HUTGAESOO (Hovenia Dulcis)`, a thirst-quenching drink.
    health drink 'HUTGAESOO'
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Constant R&D to lead the market

CJ HealthCare Corp. led the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry through continuous R&D and investment.

  • Sap Solution business strategic alliance
    • Strategic partnership for fluids business (Medi Pharma Plan)
    • Signed a MOU with the Traditional Medicine Center of Chungbuk Technopark to develop therapeutic ingredients and new drugs
    • Entered successfully into the CNS market
    • Formed a co-promotion/marketing alliance on `SINGULAIR` with MSD Korea and launched `LUKAIR`
  • Misdirective global level misdirected factory construction within the biotechnology complex
    CJ Healthcare Only Gomatsu Biotechnology
    • Entered into a joint investment agreement with `Neuralstem`(a U.S. based stem cell company)
    • Commenced building a globally competitive plant in Osong Bio-Health Science Technopolis(investment of KRW 150 billion)
  • 2007

    Reached KRW 300 billion in revenue

2007 CJ HealthCare
Reached KRW 300 billion in revenue
  • Acquisition of Japanese and Korean medicines, merger

    Acquired Hanil Pharmaceutical

    300,000 Million

  • new

    Sinbuster (Symbatstatin First Generic) for treatment of hyperlipidemia released
    Pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine 'Da stab' Domestic new drug No. 7
    • Registered `PSEUDOVACCIN`, a pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine, as Korea`s No.7 new drug
    • Launched an anti-hyperlipidemic medication `SIMVASTA`(the first generic product of simvastatin)
  • 2002
    • Established the hepatitis B vaccine plant - started exporting to Myanmar
    • Launched `CEFMENOXIME`, a cephalosporin antibiotic (sterile product)
  • CJ CheilJedang Pharma New Jersey office founded
    • Reinforced R&D and overseas activities through establishing the CJ CheilJedang Pharma New Jersey office
    • Launched `CEFOTIAM`, a cephalosporin antibiotic
    • Developed the fluid (also known as I.V. solution) stabilization technology and applied it to the product lineup
  • OBU (Oncology Business Unit) launched

    Organized OBU (Oncology Business Unit) and launched a new antiemetic `CAMPTO`, forging into the anticancer medicines market

    Infusion products


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Opening new chapters for the first time

CJ HealthCare Corp. opened new chapters, such as successfully localizing drugs and achieving USD 100 million in exports for the first time in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

  • R&D laboratory at capital letters factory
    • Won Chang Young-sil Award for `EPOKINE`
    • Daeso Plant certified with BGMP (Bulk Good Manufacturing Practices)
    EPOKINE products
  • Release of Epoca with anemia agent
    • Launched anemia treatment `EPOKINE` (independently developed first in Korea, third in the world)
    • Reached 1 hundred million dollars in exports sales firstly in the Korean pharmaceutical industry and launched a Cepha antibiotic ‘CEFTAZIDIME’.
    Three breaking antibiotic 'Chef Riding Dim' released
  • Release of 'Basin' for treatment of diabetes
    • Co-developed diagnostic reagent for epidemic hemorrhagic fever using a genetic engineering technology with the National Institutes of Health (first in the world)
    • Developed chicken pox vaccine - Launched `LEGIOFREE` (legionella remover)
    • Obtained the new technology mark (KT Mark) for `LEGIOFREE`
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine: Won the Prime Minister Award at the Excellent Patent Product Contest
    • Launched antidiabetic `BASEN`
  • 1995
    • `CITOPCIN` injection: Obtained the new technology mark (KT Mark) and won Chang Young-sil Award
    • Developed pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine first in the world
  • Hepatitis B vaccine 'Hepaccin B' WHO certification
    • Launched cephalosporin antibiotic `CEFTRIAXONE`
    • Fluid certified with KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice)
    • Hepatitis B vaccine `HEPACCINE-B` certified by WHO and delivered to overseas users through UN
    HEPACCINE-B product

    cj healthcare

1992 CJ HealthCare Reached 100 billion won in revenue
  • Hangover release drink 'Condition' released
    • Completed the construction of fluids production facility
    • KINDORASE (antiphlogistic enzyme): Won Chang Young-sil Award
    • Released `CONDITION`, an anti-hangover drink
    • Reached 100 billion won in revenue
    Infusion agent factory completed
  • 1991

    Started the production of `7-ACA`, API for Cepha antibiotics

  • Completion of production of drug substance production plant

    Completed the construction of APIs manufacturing plant (Daeso Plant)


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A start to make a healthy world

CJ HealthCare Corp. started as Pharmaceutical BU of CJ CheilJedang Corp. in 1984.

  • 1989

    Launched API for Cepha antibiotics `7-ACA`, anti-virus `Alpha- Interferon`, and antimicrobial `CIPROFLOXACIN`

  • Release of hepatitis vaccine 'Hepaccin B'
    • Completed the construction of Icheon Plant
    • Launched hepatitis vaccine- `HEPACCINE-B` (using locally developed technologies only)
    Ikawa factory completed
  • Participation in Pharmaceutical Business, Establishment of Research Institute
    • Acquired Yupung Pharmaceuticals
    • Started pharmaceutical business and established a research institute
    • Established a U.S.-based R&D center (ETI)
    • Developed interferon for human lymphocytic cells