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Heal the world,
Better Life

CJ HealthCare

We, CJ HealthCare, strive to create a healthy world.

Our vision
Heal the World, Better Life
Our Mission
We shall endeavor to build a disease-free world by developing innovative treatments and differentiated healthcare contents.
About CEO Kang Seok-hee
CJ HEALTHCARE CEO Greetings by SeokHee KANG CEO Greeting
To achieve our business vision of 'Heal the World, Better Life,' we will develop global innovative new drugs with a spirit of creativity and innovation and repay the national citizens and customers for their support.

About Us

CJ HealthCare started its business as a Medicines Division for CJ CheilJedang in 1984 and established itself as a company based on its three decades of know-how about pharmaceutical business.


Through accumulated technologies based on the philosophy ‘medicine and food has the same origin’ created by our late founder CEO ByungChul Lee, we at CJ HealthCare developed ‘HEPACCINE-B,’ a vaccine against hepatitis infections, in 1986 by using our own domestic technology, and first domestically mass-produced active pharmaceutical ingredient 7-ACA, for which fine chemical technologies were required, and ‘Interferon,’ a high-tech essential medicine in those days, showing that our technical skills were recognized.

Bag-type IV Solutions

In 1992, we first domestically released a fluid product with great safety by using our ‘Safe-flex bag,’ which made innovation happen in a medical environment.


In 1992, we released an anti-hangover drink `CONDITION`. It was our ‘ONLYONE’ product which created an anti-hangover drinks market and has maintained an immovable position as our leading brand.


In 1995, we achieved one million dollars in exports for the first time among domestic pharmaceutical companies, playing a leading role in improving the health industry. In 1998, through constant investment in R&D, we have been the third global and the first national company to develop and launch 'EPOKINE,' a new erythropoietin medicine for anemia treatment, taking the initiative in manufacturing domestic pharmaceutical products.


In 2006, through successfully amalgamating Hanil Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd., we strengthened our product portfolio and in 2010, we completed construction of Osong Plant, a world class pharmaceutical facility to pave the way for becoming a global pharmaceutical manufacturer.
CJ HealthCare, which launched as a professional pharmaceutical subsidiary of CJ Group on April 1, 2014, is preparing for the future through its active investment in R&D and Open Innovation.
Open Innovation Forum photo
CJ Healthcare Vision ‘Tegoprazan(CJ-12420)’ a promising medicine for being a world-class new drug to treat a gastroesophageal reflux disease, is set to be released in 2018. Earlier, in October, 2015, we signed a contract with Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., a Chinese leading gastrointestinal medicine manufacturer, for technology export, indicating our probability of success was highly accepted. Through Open Innovation with domestic and foreign companies, we are increasing the speed of new drug development and the probability of its success and concentrating our efforts on acquiring future innovative technologies. We got tied up with PanGen Biotech Inc. to develop protein therapeutics in 2014, signed a joint development agreement for dual target antibody with a new antibody developer ‘Y-Biologics’ on May, 2016, and had ‘Bio Healthcare Fund’ which had been created on Jan, 2017 invested in a business venture ‘NEURACLE SCIENCE.’ Through ‘R&D Open Innovation Forum’ with internal venture companies and external ones from the U.S, Japan and Europe, we are seizing the initiative in adopting advanced technology and developing the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Accelerating development in new chemical entities and biomedicine, we are focusing our attention on R&D to be a global pharmaceutical enterprise with our own world-class innovative new medicines. We will make our sales exceed 1 trillion won in 2020 to advance our globalization. We will also take the lead in implementing the Creating Shared Value (CSV) principle to put ‘Heal the world, Better Life’ vision into action.