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CJ HealthCare PR Film (Ver. English) 2017.06.19

What does a better tomorrow mean to us?
In continuing to lead the industry we began 3 decades ago through innovative drug products and differentiated healthcare services, CJ HealthCare has embarked on a new journey of creation to a healthier life.

Since 1984, when we pioneered the Korean pharmaceutical industry,
We have independently developed a vaccine for Hepatitis B,  
known as Hepaccine-B
And become the first to launch intravenous solutions bags, making inroads into the intravenous solutions market.

With ‘CONDITION’ trailblazing the anti-hangover drink market,
We have become the first in Korea and third in the world to develop Epokine, used for the treatment of renal anemia, demonstrating the level of our biotechnology.  

Acquisition of Hanil Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
With Osong Plant geared to the global market,  We have achieved constant growth.

Based on R&D capacity widely recognized for K-CAB to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, we are preparing for a new leap forward with Kolmar Korea.

Epokine for renal anemia,
Aloxi, an antiemetic,
Calmtop, an anti-cancer drug
Banan, as an antibiotic, 
basic intravenous solutions,
Anfrade for chronic arterial occlusion,
Exone for hypertension,
Machkhan, an incrementally-modified drug for hypertension
Are known as the top treatments of the most common diseases such as cardio-vascular system, diabetes, cancer, gastro-enterology and nephrology.

Our qualified medical representatives, with their academic backgrounds in medicine, market our drug products to a variety of medical service organizations.

Our sales department ranks at the top in Korea’s prescription drug market. 
We were the first to found a team dedicated to anti cancer products in Korea, which has shown remarkable achievements.

We produce all of our drug products within our state-of-the-art manufacturing system.

From Osong Plant, dedicated to high-quality, finished products and anticancer drugs,
To Daeso Plant, producing intravenous solutions, APIs, and cephalosporins, and has been globally recognized after CMO projects with world-class pharmaceutical companies,
To Icheon Plant, committed to biologics such as EPOs and vaccines,
Our manufacturing sites have strengthened their footing among the world’s best pharmaceutical manufacturers.

With our R&D abilities gained over the last 3 decades,
We are pursuing independent development and joint research with various organizations and startups at home and abroad to ensure innovative gastro enterology, immunology, and anti-cancer drug products.

Going beyond Korea, K-CAB, the next-generation GERD drug whose technology exported to China in 2015, became the 30th new drug in the domestic market in 2018 and is now set to take its first steps onto a global market.

In the meantime, we are developing a second-generation and more convenient EPO as a biologics, and bivalent vaccines for hand, foot and mouth disease, the first in the world, and a variety of antibody.

In addition, we’re doing our utmost to develop incrementally-modified drugs for cardio-vascular system, diabetes and cancers.

We are also working with qualified professionals of major domestic hospitals on making independent clinical trials to facilitate our efforts.

People continue to make Condition the No. 1 anti-hangover drink for the next generation, leading it to dominate the market since its launch.

Starting with Beijing, China, Condition now can be found in mainstream markets abroad, including Japan and Vietnam, helping us get even closer to our vision of becoming a global mega brand.

Our passion is creating new markets for extraordinary health and beauty products.

CJ healthcare is now ready to step onto the global stage.
Our drug products are used by people all over Asia, South America and the Middle East.

We have overseas offices in emerging markets such as China and Vietnam and are engaged in localized marketing.

While developing various business models and creating added value through out-licensing and CMO projects, we are forging successful partnerships with pharmaceutical companies here in Korea and overseas.

As a front-runner in Korea’s pharmaceutical industry,
We are constantly challenging ourselves to become the No. 1 pharmaceutical company in the world.

Technology that moves the globe!
Professional dedication leading change!
Constant innovation for a better future!

Our great leap onto the international stage has begun again.

For healthier, happier lives for people around the world

CJ HealthCare is walking down yet another new path.

A global pharmaceutical company watched by the entire world

Heal the world, better life
CJ HealthCare