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CJ HealthCare, to hold a global Open Innovation Forum inviting US & Japanese venture companies 2017.07.12

2016. 6. 21 (

CJ HealthCare, to hold a global Open Innovation Forum inviting US & Japanese venture companies

- Forum  for  Global R & D Alliance with invited US and Japan promising venture companies

- To aim to strengthen global R & D pipeline through alliances with overseas ventures with promising technologies and projects

CJ HealthCare

CJ HealthCare (CEO Seok-Hee Kang) held ‘The Global Open Innovation Forum' at CJ Humanville Leadership Center in Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea.


CJ HealthCare has been steadily conducting R & D Open Forum in Korea and Japan to strengthen its global market competitiveness by securing promising new drugs and biopharmaceutical pipelines. For the first time this year, we have expanded to US venture companies, and have been carrying out the Global Forum.


For this forum, over the course of several months, CJ HealthCare selected 18 companies first from the 550 projects of 250 venture companies in the US and Japan, which have promising technologies and selected seven companies as candidates through partnering meetings at each company.


CJ HealthCare's CEO, key executives, and research leaders in the related field participated in this forum, inviting three of the seven selected companies, and shared information through company-specific presentations and discussed the possibility of joint development through Q & As.

The R & D Open Forum is a representative activity of 'Open Innovation' which CJ HealthCare cooperates with venture / academia / research institute in order to discover promising new drug candidates and technologies and increase possibility of new drug development.


Through the forum, we are discovering technological venture companies and creating a healthy industrial ecosystem that can make win-win situation through strategic alliances. This is recognized as a practical example of CSV (creating shared value) management pursued by CJ.


ANRT, which signed an agreement for the development of antibody drugs with us last month, is also a venture company selected through the R & D Open Forum. CJ HealthCare is accelerating the development of new drugs and biopharmaceuticals through active open innovation.


CJ HealthCare will select promising technologies through internal decision-making on new drug projects in the antibody, synthetic, and nucleic acid fields discussed at this forum, and plan to strengthen its R & D pipeline through strategic alliances such as joint development with Japanese and American venture companies which participated in the Forum.


CJ HealthCare CEO Seok-Hee Kang expressed his expectations for this global forum as follows:

"We will achieve ‘the Great CJ Plan 2020’ goal by securing global innovations through Open Innovation not only in Korea but also in the global market including this Global R & D Open Forum.”


Meanwhile, CJ HealthCare will invite leading venture companies in Europe and the US to expand the open forum in September, following the Global Forum with invited US-Japan venture companies.