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CJ HealthCare started its business in 1984, and started advancing into global market by releasing Hepaccine-B which was developed by Korea’s first independent technology of their research institute in 1986.

Taking this opportunity, we could accelerate our overseas expansion into the Southeast Asia and a few countries in Africa. Along with the completion of Daeso plant in 1990, we developed and exported various cephalosporin antibiotics through mass production of 7-ACA, a starting material of cephalosporin antibiotics. And we achieved "overseas export 100 million dollars" in 1995 for the first time as a Korean pharmaceutical company.

In 1998, we released an renal anemia medicine, ‘EPOKINE’ and made the first overseas advancement with a Korean biological;
since then, it became one of our major overseas businesses with the exiting raw materials of medicine and vaccine exports.

All employees of CJ HealthCare will make every endeavor to enlarge exports to Japan, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe and to build the secondary CJ HealthCare in foreign markets by advancing directly into the overseas businesses in China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia based on various successful experiences in Korea and abroad and new drugs R&D for global expansion.

CJ HealthCare is expanding the export of biologicals such as ‘EPO’ and ‘G-CSF’, antibiotics such as ‘Vancomycin’ and ‘Teicoplanin’, P.O.M (prescription only medicine), ‘Condition’, ‘Red Ginseng’ and other products to Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and Central and South America regions. In addition, we directly advance into the China and Vietnam by building local network and strengthening sales marketing capability in order to make it as an advanced base for global business expansion.

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