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CJ HealthCare Corporation entered the global market in 1986 with the Hepaccine-B which was developed by the newly developed independent technique.

This achievement paved the way for entrances of Southeast Asian and African markets.
In 1990, Daeso manufacturing plant was built. This allowed developing several types of cephalosporin
antibiotics with mass productions of 7-ACA, a starting material of cephalosporin antibiotics.
Finally, CJ HealthCare won the title of the first company that accomplished "$100 million mark in overseas exports"

In 1998, it succeeded in exporting EPOKINE, a recombinant human erythropoietin to the global market and this made it, the first company that entered the global market with biologics. By that time, it became a leading company in the global business by exporting existing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and vaccines.

With CJ HealthCare's abundant experience in global sales and marketing competences, the company has successfully provided APIs and ethical drugs worldwide. Moreover, CJ HealthCare has been building the systematic global sales network with Chinese and Vietnamese operations.
Especially, Sales of anti-hangover drink, "Condition" in the global market including China, Vietnam and Japan has boosted growth of this company as the MEGA-Brand

CJ HealthCare will expand its export markets into Japan, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe, based on its R&D activities in order to gain more successful experience and entering further into a global arena. Moreover, it will become a No.1 pharmaceutical company of which achievement will shine through in the global market by strengthening its overseas businesses.

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